Grow With Analytics by Pinpointing Growth Opportunities & Wasteful Effort

Attract the right buyers, close deals faster, build brand authority, and help your sales and marketing teams become more productive.

How We Drive Your Business Growth With Analytics

Dear business builder ....
Growing your business online can be tough, tiring, and costly work.

And many small online businesses fail in just a few short years.
Finding a way to make your business succeed online can be tricky.

Brands setting out to do business online  run into similar challenges: 

Who are my most eager buyers ?
How do I best reach them ? 

And what’s the right message to drive growth ?

Many resort to copy paste solutions (Growth Hacks) that worked for other companies and assume that since they worked for big companies like Facebook and Dropbox, so they’ll absolutely work for them, too!

Except, not exactly!!

Growth hacks are not all that reliable! But you still need to grow your business fast.

You need that 10x growth to take your business to the next level.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to do that without using growth hacks.

It’s no secret that at Soko Leads, we are huge fans of Data & Data Analysis.

Google analytics can be useless to you as a glass hammer if you have not been trained to analyze data, but in the right hands, 

Data from Google analytics can help you solve problems with strategies that impact growth, visual experiences that stir powerful emotions, and messaging that creates chemistry between you and your audience.

Our analytics experts will put up measurement plans and painstakingly analyze all data for insights gaining ground as we fight for each inch of your success.

Without analytics, you’re simply hoping that your actions make an impact.

Meet Yed Anikpo
Director at Christian Apps LLC,

He was just like you

His business website wasn’t attracting any new leads for their product, GreySpark, a cyber security business intelligence platform. They didn’t have the strategy or the conversion architecture they needed, and their team didn’t have the time or expertise to achieve their goals -- to increase their pool of sales-ready leads, revamp their messaging strategy, and expand brand awareness.
Then, Christian Apps LLC, called Soko Leads. We worked with their team to develop a robust lead generation strategy that included aggressive short-, mid-, and long-term goals, as well as a set of staggered strategic activities to achieve them.

Within their first 90 days, Christian Apps LLC, saw a 450% increase in leads and had seven qualified sales leads in their pipeline.

Within Their First 90 Days, Four Saw A 

+ 450%
Increase in leads
sales qualified leads in pipeline
"Soko Leads takes the time to ask the right questions and it's evident that they really listen to our answers. The quality of their work is truly top notch."
And we love working with you, Brenda!
"Without analytics to guide your marketing and sales strategy, you are simply hoping that your actions will make a difference and if they do, its likely to be at a greater cost."
Ayebare Mucunguzi,
Head of Strategy & Analytics LeadSoko

At Soko Leads, We Make Creating Video Ridiculously Easy

To empower you to create the remarkable, captivating video content you need, we’ll teach you:

How to Be Comfortable on Camera (&
Behind It!

The key to success with video marketing for businesses is being able to project confidence and inspire trust on camera. We’ll teach you the secrets to becoming a video marketing star and how to help others on your team do the same.

How Different Video Types Impact Your Bottom Line

Different types of marketing and sales videos will move the needle for your business in different ways. We’ll teach you the strategic characteristics of each kind, as well as when to choose them, based on your goals.

The Magic Formula of Videos That Rank & Close Deals

We’ll show you how to create videos that educate, entertain, and build trust with your ideal customers. Not only will this ensure your videos get found, you’ll also shorten your sales cycle, meaning you’ll close deals faster.

How Soko Leads Can Help Get Ahead with Analytics

Data Analytics Workshops

With an onsite one- or two-day video marketing workshop from Soko Leads, we’ll help you master video production, video marketing strategy, and on-camera performance. Based on our analysis and your feedback, your workshop will be tailored to your processes, level of expertise, and overall goal with video

Analytics Services

You have a need for remarkable video content, but no in-house talent to get it done. You’re not alone. Our talented video team can produce professional, high-quality videos that will make your team look like rockstars and deliver results for your business.

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