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Alinde Kyomuhendo
Marketing Masters & Co-Founder LeadSoko
"Position your business for cost effective growth by pinpointing growth opportunities and identifying wasteful effort using data. "

Growing a small business can be tough, tiring, and costly work.

And many small businesses fail in just a few short years.

Finding a way to make your business succeed can be tricky.

There’s competition for every subset and every niche imaginable. There’s even competition for niches within a niche.

So how are you supposed to grow a business?
With growth hacks, of course!

Growth hacks are unconventional tactics used by companies to achieve explosive growth in a short amount of time.

Many assume that since they worked for big companies like Facebook and Dropbox, so they’ll absolutely work for them, too!

Except, not exactly!!

Sure, the growth-hacking industry has exploded so much that there are even job titles based on it.

But while growth hacking has worked for some, I think it’s a bit of a curse for others.

People often perceive it as a one-stop-shop.

A get-rich-quick scheme if you will. It’s like seeing those billboards that say, “Make $100,000 a day from your bed.”

They’re not all that reliable, and they tend to have a bit of a scammy feel.

And to successfully growth hack a business by 10x, you need incredibly diverse systems in place and tons of cash flow to make it happen (like Facebook).

If we’re realistic, that’s not always possible for a small business.

But you still need to grow your business fast.

You need that 10x growth to take your business to the next level.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to do that without using growth hacks.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Data & Data Analysis.

There are a couple of great free tools out there that can give you super-valuable information to help you accelerate your business growth my favorite being Google Analytics (GA). It’s not just me, though. Marketing experts all over the world love it too.

But, I have to admit, Google analytics can be useless to you as a glass hammer if you have not been trained  to analyze data and 

Unless you’ve been using GA for a long time, you might be asking yourself the same question that I was asking in those early days:  “What exactly should I be looking at?”

You don’t want to go down a rabbit hole that turns out to be a waste of time. You need the valuable stuff, you need actionable data that steer your marketing and sales team to real growth.

tactics alone drive growth. They often go the shorter route disregarding diligence as they remedy shortfalls with more Growth hacks that aren't backed up by a shred of evidence.
We use the latest technology, tools, and tactics in a way that is guided by data and the insights therein as opposed to guesswork. We put up measurement plans and painstakingly analyze all data for insights gaining ground as we fight for each inch of your success.
Without analytics, you’re simply hoping that your actions make an impact.
Head of Client Growth

What We Can Help You Accomplish With Analytics

What if there was a way of finding more of the customers that you like to work with? Actually, there is! Our custom data strategies can help you find new clients with statistically similar profiles!

Get more of the customers you already love

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Target high value customers

With this power in your reach, you can target and attract the type of client you want.  Ultimately we raise your  Return On Marketing Investment.
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Communicate to the individual not a group

Personalization has evolved into a game changing trend in increasing sales. 
Your visitors become more engaged, and you benefit from higher revenues. The custom analytics plan we set up for you acts as a treasure map, uncovering personalization ideas that would not be otherwise possible.

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With personalization, marketing techniques such as having different pricing or marketing message depending on the user's demographics and behavior give you the edge you need to subdue your market.
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Since partnering with LeadSoko, Mutabazi's has seen his customer base grow by over 200% in 3 months.
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“It takes a lot of skill and experience to make complex things seem  so simple and effortless; LeadSoko rose to the challenge and we are happy with the final result.”
Benjamin,  Head of product

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Growth Analytics

Growth analytics is the practice of analyzing user interaction data collected via an app or website with a purpose of identifying key metrics for measuring performance and discovering attributes that contribute to growth and profitability.

Who should be using Growth Analytics

You’ll have 30 days to try , risk free. No credit card is required to start a trial.

What tools do you use for Analytics

At LeadSoko, we use Google's suite of measurement tools which include, Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), BIG Query,  Optimize, Surveys and Tag Manager. We also supplement our arsenal with Mixpanel and others that have more specific measurement abilities.

Whats the level of expertise of your analytics team?

All our experts are certified. They also have a wealth of experience working with world class companies and teams. Each of our members has been involved in generating  real growth for our clients.

What are your data policies?

You’ll have 30 days to try , risk free. No credit card is required to start a trial.
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