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Never lose a client again! Your automated online marketing system will capture leads, nature leads and convert them into paying customers while you focus on making the most of sales.

How Marketing Automation Works at LeadSoko

Meet Yed Anikpo
Director at Christian Apps LLC,

He was just like you

His business website wasn’t attracting any new leads for their product, GreySpark, a cyber security business intelligence platform. They didn’t have the strategy or the conversion architecture they needed, and their team didn’t have the time or expertise to achieve their goals -- to increase their pool of sales-ready leads, revamp their messaging strategy, and expand brand awareness.
Then, Christian Apps LLC, called LeadSoko. We worked with their team to develop a robust lead generation strategy that included aggressive short-, mid-, and long-term goals, as well as a set of staggered strategic activities to achieve them.

Within their first 90 days, Christian Apps LLC, saw a 450% increase in leads and had seven qualified sales leads in their pipeline.

Within Their First 90 Days, Four Saw A 

+ 450%
Increase in leads
sales qualified leads in pipeline
"LeadSoko takes the time to ask the right questions and it's evident that they really listen to our answers. The quality of their work is truly top notch."
And we love working with you, Brenda!

Christian Apps LLC, Lead Flow Went from Problem to Predictable. With LeadSoko, Yours Can Too.

How we can help you attract qualified leads and generate demand.

Research Your Buyers & Understand Their Purchasing Behavior

Through research, we develop comprehensive behavioral profiles of your ideal buyers that will drive your demand strategy.

Craft Messaging & Value Propositions that Resonate with the Right Buyers

Through research, we develop comprehensive behavioral profiles of your ideal buyers that will drive your demand strategy.

Create Engaging, Lead-Generating Content, Including Articles & Videos

Whether you need blogs, videos, website copy, or infographics, we’ll make creating engaging content that closes deals easy.

Develop & Execute Innovative Demand Generation Campaigns

You need immediate sales opportunities. We have the paid and unpaid demand generation campaign playbook to get them.

Implement Technology That Streamlines Your Strategy & Tracks Its Effectiveness

With the latest tools, we’ll automate your strategy where it counts, and give you the real-time data you need to know how you’re performing.

Get Started with Our Lead Generation in 3 Steps

STEP 1: Discovery

First, we’ll get to know each other. We’ll set up a call for you with one of our client success managers, so we can better understand the current state of your marketing, the outcomes you’re trying to achieve, and whether or not we’re a good fit to help you reach those goals. We’ll only move forward if we both agree.

STEP 2: 90-Day Plan*

If we think we’re a good fit, we’ll start work on a 90-day plan. But instead of a boilerplate strategy, one of our strategists will perform a deep-dive into your marketing, including content, analytics, and more. Then they’ll create a prioritized list of recommendations for your 90-day marketing plan.

*Our 90-day plans come with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

STEP 3: It’s Go Time

If you like your 90-day plan and want to work with us, we will immediately roll up our sleeves and get down to business as your inbound partner, generating leads and driving demand for your brand. And, if at any time we identify an opportunity for you or a need to pivot, we’re agile enough to make that move right away.

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