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We collaborate with brands that strive for both financial success and a positive impact on their teams and customers. We empower these brands to use tech to reach unprecedented levels of growth while making tangible contributions to their bottom line.


Are you struggling to grow for any of these reasons?

Reaching more
clients is challenging

Strugggling to connect with a wider audience and expand reach.

Lacking effective growth strategies

Strugggling to connect with a wider audience and expand reach.

Spending too much
and getting too little

Strugggling to connect with a wider audience and expand reach.

You are stuck with an expensive agency

Strugggling to connect with a wider audience and expand reach.


Marketing Training

Discover new markets and how to target them with precision, how to increase marketing efficiency with analytics, lead generation finesse, all amplified by LeadSoko’s curated tech tools.

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Paid media strategy

Benefit from expert-paid media strategy, persuasive copywriting, captivating designs, meticulous optimization, and insightful reporting tailored to grow your e-commerce brand.

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A.I & Machine learning

By analyzing vast datasets and customer behavior patterns, our A.I & machine marketing learning services enable you to deliver highly personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, enhancing customer experiences and increasing conversion rates. Through continuous learning and adaptation,we empower you to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of modern marketing

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Brand & Website Design

The bedrock of marketing is a strong brand. Marketing with a poor brand is like building a castle on shifting sands. Our services solidify your brand foundation, ensuring your marketing journey is rooted in success

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Growth with Analytics

Embark on a journey beyond design, where data reigns supreme. With our expert analytics and detailed analysis, we don't just create a website – we sculpt growth. Sales soar and user experiences flourish.

Its time to get ahead with A.I

Stay ahead of the competition with our AI-driven marketing solutions. Harness the power of AI to optimize campaigns, enhance customer experiences, and make data-driven decisions. Seize the future of business with us.

Measurable growth on demand!

If you're tired of not knowing if your marketing is working and how each dollar is making an impact, our focus on measurable growth is perfect for you. We throw out the ambiguity with our comprehensive measurement strategy

How we work

We specialize in delivering tangible outcomes.  Listen to Brenda as she
how LeadSoko transforms your business

Our awards

LeadSoko is one of the top performing marketing agencies in Africa.

That means you’re safe in the hands of one of the world’s best media agencies. We’re leading experts in all areas of Google advertising including Google Ads, Shopping, Display, YouTube and more. Some things are just meant to be.

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Using tech to become a market leader.

Using tech to become a market leader.

Scaling tourism businesses online

Scaling tourism businesses online

Is your business ready for A.I

Is your business ready for A.I

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